Monday, July 10, 2006

Day 3 of The Fishers of men 6th grade trip

Well the final day of the 2006 6th grade summer trip has come and gone. All I can say it was a great team effort as so many people helped make it happen. Each trip I've been on (this makes my 9th) has been an wonderful adventure where I have heard so many stories from the jr highers and the sponsor about all kinds of subjects. I've enjoyed ever single one and I can't wait for my next 9 trips and more. We had a chance to debrief the trip with the parents yesterday and that was fun to do as we watched a short slide show and did testimonies from the kids. Highlights for me were:

- my wonderful wife who went on this trip and really enjoyed spending time with the girls
- my wonderful mom who came up from Kansas to take care of our kids while my wife and I were gone. She brought up cousins so it was extra special for our kids.
- the great time I got to spend with most of the 6th graders
- the great interaction I had with the sponsors as all but my wife and I have been never been on a summer trip before
- the chance that God would give me to do this, I really am where I love to be and can't see myself doing anything else (85 years old and still being a jr hi guy)

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