Saturday, July 08, 2006

Day 2 of The Fishers of men 6th grade trip

Well the day has come and another eventful time of building relationships has happen like no other. I love being the jr hi guy for these awesome jr highers and I'm more excited than ever that I get to be their pastor for 2 more years (I will be sad when the day comes for me to send them on to high school). Today was Valley fair and that is about all we did. The rides were great but doing them with the jr highers made all of them wonderful. I personally got to ride a number of the rides with different groups of kids and sponsors. You can click on the picture to see some a slide show of the pictures of both yesterday and today (I haven't figured out how to do two different days for the same event on flicker yet). Enjoy and get ready for some reports from the jr highers about the whole trip tomorrow.

PS - the missy pictures were of the jr highers taking on Pastor Mark in a worm (gummy worm) no hands eating contest. Missy missy missy :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks a TON pastor Mark it rocked my socks of!!!!!! and so do you
<3 ya like a Bro

Pastormarkee said...

Thx Hallie - YOU ROCK!

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