Thursday, May 18, 2006


One of the joys of being a youth pastor where I am is the network we have here in Cedar Rapids, IA. I have close relationships with a number of youth pastors/ministers in the community that I really love. These guys have become part of how I am as a pastor and friend. Part of the reason for this is our monthly fellowships we have. The goal for the fellowship is very simple. We get together to encourage and equip each other that could impact the youth population in our area. We do 4 key things:
1) Eat
2) Share a testimony or story from one of the pastors
3) Show and Tell - What works, doesn't works, read, etc that each of us has done this past month.
4) Announcements - What is a local church doing to what the group as a whole is doing.

This group is just a network and doesn't have any influence in the community as an organization itself. But it does encourage and equip each other which can influence the community.

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