Thursday, May 18, 2006

Learning to be careful what you comment

I read a couple different blogs of full time jr hi only veteran youth pastors and I must say that I was disturbed by a comment made at Mark Oestreicher of YS blog ( A number of Jr hi veteran youth pastor including Marko do a yearly get together to refresh, encourage, and equip each other. Basically they do the same thing that our local Youth Fellowship does monthly but only once a year.

Well in Marco's blog he shares about their experience and how it went. Some one commented that the idea of these guys getting together was repulsive and reminded him of "power brokers" getting together to decided the fate of youth ministry. I disagree with this comment completely. The need that all of us have to be encouraged and equipped is part of who God has made us to be. This just shows me how careful I must be of what I comment. There probably was a desire by the commenter to share his thoughts and concerns he has. But what came across was critazism which really doesn't fullfill our calling to be encouragers and equippers.

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