Saturday, May 27, 2006

Fishers of men message

My wife and I worked on this message some more on our 10 hour drive from Iowa to Kansas [8D].

Here is what we have so far.

Every jr hi teen at IMPACT can share their faith story with their friends by understanding four truths.

Truth 1) Our life has to be following God’s story for us to really do anything spiritually
Truth 2) God created all of us – our friends and our enemies and us –and God choices to use us in His story
Truth 3) Telling our faith story is about our life story interacting with God’s story.
Truth 4) There are some key points about God’s story that needs to be shared as our life story is interacting with our friends story

This isn't what we will directly teach the kids but the bases for the message. If any of you are familiar with Ken Davis SCORRE method this will look familiar to you a little.

Any suggestions on how to form this better or how to communicate these truths better will be most helpful.

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