Thursday, November 03, 2005

Week 3 of the "Evangelism Expedition"

Howdy y’all!
This last Wednesday night we turned the IMPACT room into the inside of a barn. It was a knee-slappin’, good ol’ fashion’d, rootin’ tootin’ time…

A number of the kids dressed up in farm outfits that were awesome (please see pics)

Here is a brief synopsis of what we did

We started in the ACTIVITY CENTER!! where we dived up into groups by using different animal sounds. Then played a rawsing game of "Hokey pokey"

Then it was off to the outside where we had the groups attack a pumkin and take out all of the pumkin seeds. Can you say pumkin guts (hehe).

After our little mess with the pumkins it was time to wash up and go down stairs to the jr hi room.

When we arrived down stairs we came into a room that had been transformed into a barn. With a baby cow mooing (he was only 5 days old) to ducks quacking.

Then the country style worship started! It was a knee slapper.

Then cowboy Tim shared (over the sounds of the animals) the idea of sowing seeds in the lives of those around us. That God has given to us different opportunities to share His truth to our friends just like a farming who sows his seeds on different kinds of soil.

It was great night. One of the 8th graders said, "It was one of the best nights ever."

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