Thursday, November 03, 2005

Nov. 3rd Sideline

I remember my 8th grade year when I played basketball. I remember hard practices, mean coaches, and setting on the sidelines until the last 30 sec. of the game. Then the coach would put me in and I would be so excited but then the game would be over. I hadn’t touch the basketball, I hadn’t played defense, I just went out ran around on the basketball court and then the game was over. I was so disappointed. How could the game be over? I went home and cry. Then the next morning would come. I would dress and get ready to go to school. After school I would good my practice cloths on and go practices basketball again. Why did I do that? Because I was a part of the team. I was doing my part of getting our team ready for the next game. For me to set on the side lines for most of the game meant I was still a part of the team and I made a difference. John said, “He (Jesus) must become greater; I must become less.” John got the idea that he was to go to the side lines while Jesus took center stage. For me that is what I desire more than anything. Lord, what ever position of the team you want me to play my I do it with everything I got.

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