Monday, February 07, 2011

New Prayer update for 2011

After talking with a number of my middle schoolers the idea of praying has come up. I shared with them that I enjoyed sharing the prayers I did from my devo time and they wanted to see them. So I'm back on here to share those prayers. This might be all that I put here for now.
Here are some prayers from my devo time from the beginning of 2011:

Lord, may I be an instrument in your hands to share the gospel to all those in my influence area.

Lord open my eyes to what I must seek - glory, honor, & Immortality and what I must avoid rejection of truth & following evil.

Lord, open your word to me more than ever so that I might be useful for you in all that I say and do.

Lord, may I be worthy of being credit righteousness.

Lord, may I be seen as a righteous man - not because of anything I have or will do but because of what you have done already.

Lord, open your word to understand what your righteousness means. May Your truths start to impact me more and more.

Lord, I'm a wretched man (Rom 7:24) & I need you to take care of me and my sin - walk with me and guide me to your truth in all that I do.

Lord, help me remember todays truth from your word today and always - so that when suffering and pain come I can glorify you in it.

Lord, I'm hoping for many things right now and I wait patiently for your answers - your will be done.

Lord, sometimes I really don't understand what you have for me - open my eyes to see what you want me to see and help me be comfortable with that.

Lord, may your righteousness be seen in me.

Lord, introduce me to those who feel alone so that I might be your instrument to let them know they are not.

Lord, I'm so unworthy of you - I so need you to constantly love on me & forgive me - thank you for your grace that so overwhelms me - always.

Lord, open my eyes to see you in your Word and may it penetrate my soul more than ever before.
Lord, may your righteousness shine out from me so your Kingdom might be seen.

Father, open my ears to hear what I need to hear.

Lord, may the light of your goodness shine so bright that the darkness that evil brings cannot exist.

Lord, there have been many signs that you have interacted with people on the earth since the birth of John, but I have to say there are times in my simple life that I wonder if you are wanting to reveal yourself again. I know your spirit lives in us but there are times that the mystery of all that feels like nothing. You are God and you are real and you love us help me with my weakness of feeling like nothing.

Lord, open my ears to listen carefully to everything I hear from my middle school kids & from my family.

Lord, I am so blessed to be your son – thx

Thank you Lord for creating me and allowing me to share your love and truth to your creation.

Lord, may I open my eyes to see what is happening around me - help me not miss what you are trying to share with me.

Lord, help me to know my next step to grow for you and then may I do so.

Lord, may your good news spread through me in to every part of my being.

Lord, I don't want to miss “it” and I want to “get it” - all about you.

Lord, I'm here and I want to be doing what you called me to do - open my eyes, ears, & heart to that calling more.

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