Monday, March 22, 2010

Mag report - GROUP (Mar - Apr 2010)

Finally got a chance to finish GROUP Mar-Apr magazine after a great time at the Simply Youth Minsitry 2010 – here are some of my thoughts:

Something I liked: Rick Lawrence’s “crystal-balling 2010” article was very insightful. The trends youth will be going towards in 2010: ‘Family fusion’ rules, Narcissism rules, & Real rules are some thoughts I want to spend more time with in the coming months.

???: I just don’t like the phrase, “partnering with parents.” I read that a couple of times in this magazine. I really believe parents are the primary and most important people (and influential people) that our kids have. Every time I hear the “partner” idea it sounds like we are equal with parents - that just isn’t true. I hold to the idea that I’m a tool in parents hands for them to use as they fulfill their God given calling to raise their kids for Him.

Key Statement: Duffy Robbins said this, “I learned that I can often teach kids more about God by asking the right questions than I can by giving them right answers.” Really really good stuff.

Creative idea: I really liked Brandon Early’s creative idea called Digital Scavenger hunt – it the “take a pic” hunt with a great twist. Thanks Brandon for the idea.

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