Monday, December 21, 2009

8th grade - second for 2009-10

8th grade nights usually happen on wednesday nights but this last one we got snowed out. So I asked the girls who were going to do it to share this last Sunday and they said yes. Wow did they do a great job. Here are some key thoughts from the lesson:

Lesson Topic: What is love?

Attendance: Average

Fun Factor - Good - Sundays are so different from Wednesdays

Volunteer Involvement: Below Average - lots of sponsors out for the holiday stuff

Music: Awesome - the kids on Sunday do such a great job

Lesson Quality: The girls did a great job and even had some fun visual aids

Length of Lesson: 20 min - just right

Student Response: Good - kids seemed to catch on to what the girls were saying - even had some aduince interaction at the end of the message that went realy well.

Favorite statment of the night: God loves us all the time & we are to love others the same way.

The girls used this simple little youtube video that explains most of what they shared with the group:

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