Wednesday, April 01, 2009

4th 8th grade night 2009

I'm behind by one 8th grade night and so this is actually our 4th one for this school year. The game time, worship, and message was awesome. Here are some of the details of the night:

Lesson Topic: Courage
Attendance: Below Average - not sure where all the kids were tonight but we had fewer than we normally have.
'Fun Factor': Great time - we played a game that we have played before and the group loved it.
Volunteer Involvement: Average - great sponsor involvement
Music: Average - It was a good worship set but I would have liked 2 more songs
Lesson Quality: four girls shared tonight (see picture above to see 2 of them) and they knocked it out of the ball park
Length of Lesson: 40 min- girls' message was 20 min then we did some q/a time with the girls that was great and we finished with the 8th graders praying over the underclassmen.
Student Response: OK - tonight the group as a whole seemed more noisey than usual.
Favorite statement of the night: Courage is driven by the Holy Spirit more than what other people think about us.
(click on the pic above to see a short slide show of the night)

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