Monday, December 22, 2008

prayers this last month - Dec 08

This will be my last prayer list for the year of 2008. Man what a year, not sure what God has up his sleeve by having us go through all that has happened in our lives but I do know he is faithful and will be here no matter what.

Lord, thank you for helping me to be sensitive to terms like "I was only joking!" and staying away from them.

Lord, help me to praise you with my lips all my days and may others see only that.

Lord, take away my trouble because I want to only honor and fear you only.

Lord, may I always have two ears to hear and one mounts to share humbly and graciously and slowly.

Lord, help me to know what I need and what I want - help me to be satisfied with just my needs.

Lord, may I never say "I've done nothing wrong" when I have - may I always confess to you my wrong so that together we can make it right.

Lord, I'm confused where do I go and what should I do - I see so much stuff and the kids I work with have so much (I do to) take this yoke from me.

Lord, I know you are saying something - help me to fully grab onto your wisdom and righteousness.

Lord, may I always remember that "nothing is impossible" for you.

Lord, when I hear you may I be awed by it because you have worked.

Lord, as you shined around the shepherds on that glories night when Christ was born may you shine today and each day in my life for your glory.

Lord, may I spend the time to understand your word better - may I ponder it in my heart like Mary did when marvelous things happened around her.

Help me Lord understand things that I'm meant to understand and be ok with things that I'm not.

Lord, may you find a willing servant in me.

Lord, may I be able to stand up to anything that comes to me for Your glory.

Lord, open my eyes to see what I can do to honor you in my extended family. Lord, may your kingdom come in your time.

Lord, thank you that I don't have to ask you to "go away from me" because of my sins but walk with you because you have made me into a saint.

Lord, may I respond to your truth no matter what form it comes in.

Lord, may I stay constant in your truth but fresh with new ways of presenting it to middle schoolers and to anyone you put into my life.

You are the Lord of the Sabbath and all things happen because of you - help me to understand that better.

Lord, the day that your power was coming from you must of been awesome - may it happen in my life for your glory.

Lord, I want what you want but I'm not always sure what that is - help me pls?

Lord, you are the Lord of my life and that is the number one thing in anyone’s life that must happen thank you for being you.

Lord, thank you for Lauren Darr and the Joy she has brought into my heart, the IMPACT ministry, and your kingdom - yea God!

Lord, because of you I am able to honor you, because of you I am able to be your son, thank you Lord.

Lord, may I never “fall away from you."

Lord, thank you for allowing me to be baptized so many years ago - I love the fact that all that were there saw me respond to you.

Lord, open my eyes even more to see what I am to do for you not so that I might receive anything but your will to be done in my life.

Lord, may I have ears that hear you and eyes to see what you want me to see.

Lord, my I be very careful with my thoughts so that they might only point me and those who are around me to you.

Lord, I don't want to know all your ways just enough to be the best Mark Eades on this earth that I can be - may that be enough for me.

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Robin said...

thanks again
you are a blessing

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