Sunday, October 19, 2008

1st Day Fall Retreat - Our First One - WOW!

Well day 1 of our first middle school Fall Retreat is winding down. This has been a great adventure. The kids great, the band was awesome, the sponsors were connecting like crazy, and my intern was fabulous (click on the picture above to see a short slide show). It was a new adventure for me as well. I've always been the "go to" person for all the retreats and summer trips - I wasn't this time. Lauren (my intern) was totally in charged and what a great job she has done. Some statements I heard today from the kids:

1) I love this retreat
2) I'm so glad I came to this
3) The Nerd Prom dinner was so funny (check out the slide show by clicking on the pic)
4) You guys ROCK - to the band
5) I caught the squirrel (you have to ask the kids about that one)

We seem to be doing what the purpose of this retreat is - Make relationships stronger or start new ones, create "remember when..." moments, and honor God with all we got. Can't wait to see what happens tomorrow!

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