Monday, September 08, 2008

Mag Report - simply jr hi newsletter from Group - Sep2008

GROUP puts together some great stuff, from their main magazine “GROUP” to their National Youth Ministry Conference (which I’m planning on going to this year) there are just some good material out there. But the one thing that I like the best is their newsletter for junior high youth workers. Here is my thoughts about issue 7.

What I liked: As has happen in the other 6 issues Kurt, Scott, and GROUP have put together some great ideas. One that really stood out to me in issue 7 was Sean Meade’s thoughts in “the Veteran’s Voice,” “Capitalize on trips by programming time to debrief as you go,” is something that we have been trying hard to include in all of our trips. This year was the first year where I think we really did this and the results are awesome.

???: Allan Mailloux “plug ‘n play” idea didn’t click for me. I don’t think that having kids over to the “older folks” of our church body would “allow them to remain comfortable.” I think the opposite would more likely happen.

Key statement: Scott shared this in “Chew on this,” “when students are with a leader they know and trust, it definitely lowers the disruptiveness quotient.” Though there are some big words in there Scott I really liked and agreed to this statement.

Something creative: Blake Clevenger’s “explosion tag” idea is just brilliant. This really could make a fun game into an memory making game – thx Blake.

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