Saturday, August 02, 2008

MS 6th grade summer trip - Day 2

Now I can relax - Wow! What a great and tiring day for everyone. I'm sitting here listening to no sound at all (well, except for Jeff's really loud snoring) as everyone is a sleep (including Jeff). We just had a day of playing, building bridges, getting to know each other, and for us sponsor's watch every kid come alive with excitement and energy. Some statements from the day:

1) Have you seen how much ______ is coming alive - it is awesome.
2) Your youth are so well behaved (from an older couple where we ate at).
3) Ride with me, no ride with me, no ride with me, etc (to almost all the sponsors from the kids)
4) I've never gone on that kind of water slide before - it was so much fun!
5) There are rides that are fast and then there are rides that are scary fast.

I can't say it enough - this soon to be 7th grader group have been wonderful and I'm very glad I was allowed to be on this trip. If you would like to see a short slide show just click on the picture.

Tomorrow we get to go to our wonderful host church - Orchard Hill Church. Then off to Jeff's mom & pa's place for some good grub, then home to CR for a 4pm debrief.

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