Sunday, July 06, 2008

Mag Report - simply jr hi newsletter from Group - Jul08

Another simply jr high newsletter has made it to my desk and I had a chance to read it while away with my wife on our 15th anniversary. Here are some of my thoughts:

What I liked: There was a number of things I really liked in this newsletter so I had to choice one that really stood out. Alan Ramsey’s thoughts in “The veteran’s voice” was just excellent. The need for us to “pace” with our middle schoolers is critical. We can’t fix them quickly but we can be there and slowly take one more spiritual step with them through these wonderfully crazy development years. The whole idea of “pace” has me thinking in a new direction – thx Alan.

???: I really liked Steve Otey’s thoughts in “Partnering with parents.” The idea of having a parent social is a great idea and affirms in my mind what we do in our Middle school ministry. The only part that I disagree with is the purpose of these socials - “to give the parents updates and training about how they can be better parents.” I’m all about giving parent updates and suggestions on parenting but I would never assume that I could give them anything that would make them a better parent. I’m just stepping into parenting a pre-teen in my own life and the one thing I know is that I really don’t know much about parenting a pre-teen.

Key statement: from the stats’N stuff – To Quote: “Not every action is supposed to make you feel happy. You can question it. It’s okay to question it – and play it a different way.” Jeronimo Barrera, vp of development for Rockstar Games, on the hyper-violent Grand Theft Auto IV

Something creative: We are going on our first Middle School focused mission trip next week (thx to groupworkcamps) and we are really excited. In Plug ‘N Play a discussion starter idea called – What color? is what we will use to help debrief this trip when it is all done – Thx Dustin Sauder.

These newsletter has very useful ideas and has helped me think in different direction so that I don’t get into a rut in doing MS ministry. Thx Group and simply jr high for put this out to us.

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