Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mag report - YOUTHWORKERS Journal May/June 2008

After reading through two of the new Simply Jr Hi Newsletter from Group I was able to get back to one of the two key youth ministry magazines. YouthWorker Journal is an excellent resources and full of information for guys like me. The May/June 2008 issue has some great thoughts and I want to put them down here:

What I liked: Walt Mueller’s “Culture Watch” article is excellent. One of his key thoughts was, “the Victoria’s Secret window is not so much about what we’re to wear, but about who we’re supposed to be.” How true this is. The middle schoolers (boys and girls) that I spend week after week with so believe that they aren’t good enough as they are, that they have to have the next best thing(s) to be of any worth. Walt goes on to give some practical ideas of how to make a difference in this culture.

???: Rev. Chad Miller’s article “Evangelizing Tweens” stood out to me because he was talking about middle schoolers. I got even more interested when he said, “no one can reach a tween like a tween” which I so totally agree with. But then he talked about how we need to get kids focused on Lordship living which I also agree with but that was it. I would hope to have more thoughts on this than just middle school kids have to have Lordship living.

Key statement: In Greg Stier’s “keeping PACE” 5 trends to reflect on he shared this in trend 2: “youth workers must know that it is imperative that early teens have a vibrant, relevant experience with the church.” Great thought Greg.

Something creative: I really like the “TOOLS resource reviews” section. Having different resources for different groups (for parents, for teens, etc) I think is a great help. But the write ups are kinda long and I don’t read them mostly because it is a lot to read and overwhelms me.

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