Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Mag Report - simply jr hi newsletter from Group - May08

I had to stop my book reading and reading over the newest Group and Youthworker magazines for something much more important that came in yesterday – Group's simply junior high newsletter. Here is some of my thoughts:

What I liked: For sure Paul Baldwin’s thoughts in partnering with parents was dead on. When he wrote, “Parents are the solid, reliable, in-the-trenches, on-the-front-line, been-there-and-back-again, untapped resource you’ve been looking for.” I was almost cheering out loud. Good thoughts Paul I totally agree.

???: This wasn’t really something I didn’t like but that confused me. Phil Shinners thought on The Veteran’s Voice had this in it, “As we learn to say no to the right things, we allow ourselves to say yes to the right things…” That just didn’t make since to me.

Key statement: from the stats’N stuff – Phone Safety, “Don’t put the power in the instrument. The power is in you, the power is in the family…and that will give you safety.”

Something creative: I chuckled a little when I read Joe Schmaltz Q5 on the Q&A section. If you want to know get the newsletter (another chuckle).

This is my passion and I really really enjoy this newsletter.


marko said...
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Kurt Johnston said...

Here's what I think Phil meant by his comment.

There are some things that we need to say no to in order to say yes to others....those would be the "Right" things to say no to. By saying no to the correct things, it frees up our time to say yes to other, more important thing....the "Right" things to say yes to.

That explanation is probably even more confusing!

Mark E. Eades said...

Thx Kurt for umm... explaining it to me. It just was an interesting statement

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