Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Willow Creek Shift Experence 2008 - part 1

Well I'm here at Willow and have been a part of the first two speakers. Brian McLaren shared an overview of where things are at (in his perspective) in the church realm. I really have some concerns of the ideas that he shared. Mark and I talked it through some but I hope we can spend some more time on it. Mark Yaconelli was the second speaker and I really enjoyed his talk much more than Mr. McLaren. A lot of what he shared was in his book "Contemplative Youth Ministry." That is still one of the most impactful books I have ever read (both personally and ministry). The conference is already fulfilling my three goals for going.
1) concentrated time with Mark - last time we did something like this was back in March of 2006
2) Networking with other middle school/jr hi guys - I've ran into a number of middle school guys already
3) Take away at least two thoughts to chew on - I've got a lot of mind fodder for me to chew on


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I really appreciate the updates - keep 'em coming!!

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