Friday, March 14, 2008

Mag report - Group (Mar-Apr 2008)

I'm starting something new today. I read two key magazines that deal with youth ministry on a regular bases (I’ll be adding Groups jr hi magazine to that list soon) but I don't recall much about what I read because I don't write it down or mark up the magazine. Every since I've started doing book reviews for the books I've been reading I'm recalling more and actually applying what I'm reading to my life and ministry. I thought since there seems to be success in my book reading it would be wise for me to do the same with the magazine I'm reading. So here is my short report on the newest Group magazine.

What I liked: The whole theme of this magazine (dealing with conflict) was an excellent choice. Doug Field's interview with Dan Webster was very good. "The door to the Promise Land is learning how to welcome conflict, manage it, and grow through it." this was an excellent thought from Mr. Webster.

???: I really struggled with Greg Stier's article "and when you pray..." I totally agree with Greg that we need to stop "posing" our public prayers and just pray but I struggle with the idea that we have to "believe" that our prayers will be answered for them to be authentic. There are times where we need to come to God weather we believe they will be answered or not but with the idea that God will hear them and do what He knows is best no matter where we are at.

Key statement: In Doug Fields' article "re: petition for repetition" - "Repeat, repeat, and repeat."

Something creative: "Missional being" by Dave Livermore and Steve Argue was something I've never "tried" to read before. Very creative but I don't know if everyone would enjoy it much. Magazine are meet to be (at least in my mind) quick reads. This one wasn't a quick read.

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