Monday, February 04, 2008

Prayers this last month - Jan 08

The idea that one month of 2008 is over is a mixed bag of emotions for me. The prayers I have this last month (I think) show that. I hope and pray this last month (and the month to come) will be all about God in your life.

Lord, may I communicate your truth clearly.

Lord, work in our lives so that "wandering" doesn't happen but a gathering does.

Lord, open my eyes to see where I'm sloppy and may I turn that over to you so that I might travel this life's journey totally for you.

God are you telling me something and how do I know what do to? help me Lord!

Lord, may I never be a mud slinger but one who provides the opportunity for a bath.

Lord, where do I need to be refined?

Lord, help me to not just take everyone’s word for fact but keep my mind alert to your truth always.

Lord, if you want (as hard as this is to say) me to go through a "dark time" so that I might totally trust that you will bring "daybreak and the rising of the Morning Star" in my heart, may it be so.

Lord, may I be on the "straight road" to You in everything I do and my I not stop.

Lord, may I be hearing your voice over all the other voice that is calling for my attention. May I "hardly notice" them, but totally notice you.

Lord, may I handle any pressure you decided to put on me to maximize Your glory.

Lord, help me understand not only the easy lessons of Your Word but the hard ones as well. I trust you, help me, PLS!

Lord, make a clean sweep of my sins today, that I might be in the proper place to bring You maximum glory.

Lord, open my eyes to your truth and direction so that I might follow it no matter what the cost.

Lord, work inside me so that I might see you even on the outside.

Lord, open my eyes to the times I'm talking piously and my I stop right there and refocus on you & your truth.

Lord, my I stay humbly before you so that I might know what is really important - what you decide to give and not the world's substitute.

Lord, keep me sensitive to your truth so that it is only your truth and not my whim.

Lord, I am fine being the dog if that is what you want, but may I be the best dog there is.

Lord, open my eyes to see those who need to hear about you, don't let me miss it.

Lord, may you find me desiring you to stay fully in my life - even if my livelihood is lost.

Lord, help me to know when to take "a risk of faith" for your kingdom.

Lord, open my eyes to the hurt of my kids. May I be a tool in your hands to heal those hurts.

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Thomas said...

I understand what you're saying about it being for a purpose (although it seems quite senseless to us for it to happen in other cultures, too). I'm just thinking outside the box and wondering if maybe we lose sight of things like the Beatitudes point out when we don't have persecution.

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