Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Forgive or be in a strait jacket

I usually don’t talk about the lessons I teach to the kids on this blog but tonight’s lessons was unique and wonderful. I’m using Kurt Johnston's lesson series “Value Pak” and taught on Forgiveness tonight.
What made the night unique was the fact that a correctional officer friend of mine brought in an old straight jacket and put me in it as I was teaching (click on the picture to see a slide show of it).
What was wonderful was the kids got pieces of cloth and tied themselves to another person. I taught that if we don’t forgive others we become in bondage just like we were tied together with another person. And it gets worse as time goes by if we don’t forgive and we become completely consumed by it (like I was in the strait jacket). I asked them pray and seek God for help with forgiving. As a symbol of seeking God they took the pieces of cloth and stapled them to a wood cross. It was a very “remember when..” moment.


Tye said...

amazing idea! Great work Mark!!!

Mark E. Eades said...

Thx Tye - Chad and I and I think the whole group really enjoyed the night.

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