Monday, November 05, 2007

Prayers this month - Oct 07

Another month of prayers that are wonderful to read and pray over. I hope to get a 3 day spiritual retreat in soon and my heart is to spend time on that retreat reading and praying these prayers again.

Lord, my I call out to you no matter where I'm at.

Lord, may I be willing to go and do what you call me to do the first time - not the second time like Jonah.

Lord, help me to humbly come to you and be in Your presents doing what You want me to do only.

Lord, may I change only to get better at bringing you glory and sharing your truth.

Lord, my I never be "a good smile and glib tongue" speaker that is focused on me and not you, EVER!

Lord, help me to humbly come to you and be in Your presents doing what You want me to do only.

Lord, your gospel message, your saving grace, your overwhelming love is what my hearts desires - keep it in front of me always, pls.

Open my eyes to more of your lists Lord so that I might live them out for You.

Lord, open my eyes to your Word in a way that I've never seen it before so that I might be the perfect Mark Eades you want for this time, pls.

Lord, thx for not becoming easily angry & yet you "never let the guilty go unpunished"

Lord, may I never go back to my old ways of sinning against you. May the things I do be honoring to you, always.

Lord, help me to be balanced and know what must be #1 in my life - to know and follow after You.

Lord, I'm confused, Your ways are so much greater than mine and yet when I see certain things happen it bothers me.

Lord help me to see what I need to see and be ok with that - I just want to bring you glory.
Father, I want to be your instrument to bring you glory - feel me with just enough knowledge to do only that and then no more.

LORD when you come may I be doing and being what you put me on this earth to do and be - help me LORD, pls.

Lord, again open my eyes to see what you want me to see in Your words.

Thx Jesus for taking the punishment we so deserve.

Lord, open my eyes to see what is wrong in my life so I might turn it over to you and ask for forgiveness.

Lord, my I honor you with my whole life.
Lord, open my eyes so that I might serve you completely.

Lord, my your comforting words be all over the place and may the people's hearts be open to hear it – including mine.

Lord, I know you love all and that you came to save the least of these... Help me understand this better so that I might share your truth better.

Lord, may you find me searching for you when the time comes for me to get “new clothes to wear.”

Lord, I need you more today than I have ever in my life. I know that I am corrupted with sin and that you are my only way out. Show me what I must do so that I might physically, spiritually, and mentally finish whatever amount of time I have left on this earth for You.

Lord, may I never ever stop listening to You - not only so my prayers can be heard but that I might give You and You alone maximum glory.

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