Saturday, November 17, 2007

3 day spiritual/study retreat

Well after 3 years I was blessed by my wonderful wife and church to get away for a 3 day retreat. It wasn't a retreat that I would call spiritual in the since I just focused on God and my relationship (I did get a chance to do a simple labyrinth) but more a review of my studies, readings, and writings I have produced throughout this past year (2006-07). Below is a list of key words I made from this retreat. Each word has thoughts, comments, ideas, etc. on them for me to use as a usable resource for me to turn to in the future.

Anger, Authority, Believe (belief), Brakes, Choice(s), Community, Creative, Experience,
Fail(ure), Faith(fullness), Family (Parents), Fellowship, Grace,
Heal(ing), Hope, Humble (Humility), Joy, Love, Mercy, Morality, Mystery, Need(s), One, Others (Relationships), Prayer, Purpose, Responsibility, Restore, Simple, Stories, Success, Time, Trust (Truth), Wisdom, Word, Worship.

I hope each year to do the same thing and get better and more productive at this.

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