Thursday, August 16, 2007

Good bye is hard but neccsary

It was a bitter sweet day for me yesterday as we got a chance to graduate off our out going 8th graders last night. The next time we see them they will "turn the corner" to go to the sr hi. I'm so glad God allows me to do this but it is also very hard to do. Lord, open these young ladies and young men's hearts to your Word in the years to come so they might see you as they grow.


Jessica said...

Jr hi at NCBC ROCKED!!!!!
Thank you Mark for blessing me so much in my 8th grade year.

Mark E. Eades said...

Jessica thx to you and all the now Freshmen we had a great year (and 3 years) together it won't be the same without you but it will be a ministry that moves middle school youth forward.

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