Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Prayers this month - May 07

My times alone with God and His word have been powerful and the prayers that He has allowed me to type up have been amazing to read & pray again. Here is another group of short prayers:

Lord, help me to see my wrong and being ok w/what I need to be punished with to correct and learn from that. But also help me to be ok to be "punished" when I haven't done anything wrong but was doing what You want me to do.

Lord, how I want to be doing good for you and not giving evil a second change. Help me to do good in all the things I'm called to do. Pls!

Lord, no matter what happens I want to be a tool in your hand to bring you maximum glory, use me Lord, grow me, remove my sins, thx God.

Lord help me to learn from my past not to let it control me but to use it to shape the rest of my time here on this earth. I just want to be a useful tool in your hand. Use me Lord for all that I'm worth - THX

Thank you Lord for helping me and creating for a me lists to grow with.

Lord, pls don't let me become like these men/women (II Pt 2:1) - totally focused on self and please only themselves at any cost. Help me to stay humble and focused on You and You alone, Pls.

Thank you Lord for being everywhere, including right now with me - You are amazing.

Holy Spirit teach me and use me to understand these Words of Gods.

Lord help me to move in your timing so that you might get maximum glory.

Lord make me a smart and hard worker for your kingdom and to model it correctly to others.

Lord help me guard my family and myself from focusing on stuff for happiness and instead focus on you who brings eternal happiness.

Lord, often our forefathers talk like Nehemiah, asking you to remember them and what they have done, help me to understand why they do this and how I need to look at them and You.

May this be my simple prayer as often as I can say it - "Give me Strength - Lord!"

Father, the people of Israel "got it" (Neh 8:12) - I want to get it more - help me to be more in you and less in me, to be about your business (which isn't about doing but being) in this short life you have given me.

God thank you for having a "bottomless compassion" tank for all of us who are sinners and keep on sinning. My we learn, grow, and stop sinning so that you might work in our lives daily.
Thank you Lord for allowing me to help youth "get it." Help me to always be learning - a useful tool in your hand to share your truth and love.

Father we want what is best for our neighbors. Help Lord, Lisa and I want to connect with this new family and be a part of connecting them to You - use us, Pls.

Lord help me to use this verse (I Jn 5:13) to encourage the kids in their faith.

Lord, show me how to be hospitable and help me to show and teach that to other as well.

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