Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Book Review - Good to Great

Book Report – Good to Great by Jim Collins

Jim Collins finished his preface by saying, “I hope you will find much of value in these pages and will commit to applying what you learn to whatever you do,” and I must say I found much hope and value in this awesome book. The idea that a big business book could help a little jr hi guy had never really crossed my mind but the ideas from this book can help my ministry is so many ways. The biggest take away for me is the idea of a level 5 leader. These level 5 leaders were CEOs in 11 companies that became good to great companies. These men lead there companies with two key points that I wish to lead the jr hi ministry (IMPACT) at New Covenant with: To be humble and to know how to put the right people on the bus.
To be humble was to be a man that would give praise to everyone else when the company was doing well and not themselves. But also a man that would put a mirror in front of themselves and take the blame when the company wasn’t doing well.
The other point was to know how to put the right people on the bus. The level 5 leaders found that it was more important to get the “who” in place for their company before the “what.” They knew that they wanted passionate people who were excited and behind the company before they started guiding the company to what they were good at.
Jim Collins finished the book with a chapter called, “From good to great to built to last.” My heart is to move IMPACT to be a great ministry that points jr hi kids to our Father and to do that for as long as God wants.

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Will be praying for you in this endeavor.

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