Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Week 3 of Growing great lives – Personal Time with God

On the movie Over the Hedge Hammy the squirrel discovers a “big scary thing” that wasn’t around when his group of hibernators went to their winter sleep. As the rest of Hammy’s friends join him to see the “scary thing” they decided to call it Steve. Steve is in their way to what they once knew had their food and water to use for the next winter.

This week we looked at spending time with God regularly. I wanted to journal about a couple “Steves” that I have found in my life that have been in my way to having a regular time with God.

One has been an over focus on myself. This has really came clear to me when my boys use to see me spending time on myself and their reaction was to focus on themselves. How sad it was and very eye opening to understand that I was at fault for the way they were acting. I’ve made it a point that my boys need to see me focused on my Lord more than on myself.

Another “Steve” in my life is one of being too busy. I’ve been doing a lot of “good” stuff but I’ve used this stuff to explain away why I can’t have a regular time with the Lord. One of my goals is to re-focus my regular spiritual day. The Elders of our church have asked each equipping staff to take a spiritual day a month to pray, focus on our ministry, and just calibrate ourselves to God’s calling on our life. My first step of doing this is to set the monthly day that I will do this and communicate it with my Admin asst.

As the movie’s plot plays out Hammy’s group of friends discover that “Steve” can just be walked right through and that it wasn’t in their way to food and water. Being overly focused on myself and getting too busy are a part of my life but they too can be walked right through and not be in my way to a fully and committed alone time with my heavenly Father.

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