Sunday, October 29, 2006

Week 2 of Growing Great Lives – Follow the Leader

I had said that I wanted to try and journal more on how things are going with the growing great lives series. Well I must say I totally blew that one. After listening to Pastor Bob's message (Oct. 29th) about how he blew it for a day I’m really feeling like I’m a complete chump.

Well when I feel like this I usually listen and try to hear the Holy Spirit working through my huge mistakes. He again makes it clear that this life that I have is all about God and not about me. It is so easy to listen to my desires and wants that I forget to listen to the voice that is the most important.

As a leader at New Covenant Bible Church we talk a lot about being servant leaders and that the best way to lead is to serve (which was clearly what Jesus modeled for us – John 13:1-20). The Holy Spirit so often lets me see His work through the IMPACT jr hi youth group that I have the privilege to be the jr hi guy for. Again I had the chance to have the jr hi youth in their special way correct me and show me true servant hood and how even when I make huge mistakes God is still with me.

Today we had Deep Impact (A group of jr hi youth who desire to go deeper in their relationship with God) and with a group of them I was lovingly corrected. I made up two weeks’ worth of devotionals for them to use for the past two weeks. They didn’t take what I put in those devos at face value but looked at the verses, the stories, and the applications and wanted to understand how they worked together. Some of them did others didn’t even come close. It was awesome to have these young adolescents correct me and help me see where I was wrong. I have given them two more weeks worth of devos and I believe I’ve given them a much better devotional material to work with. But I’m really looking forward to the time we will have together again to see how the devos worked for them.

The Holy Spirit works in so many ways and I praise my heavenly Daddy for working through a group of jr hi youth today.


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