Monday, August 21, 2006

Fun with our young couply friends

Lisa and I started a small group last year that has shrank to only two coules (Lisa and myself and a young couple Joel and Jenni). We did the Impact our church series put on for us (to hear a some of the message on that series please click here) together, then did a long and slow read of the book of John (really enjoyed just reading through this book) and then did a study called "Going deeper with God." We are now in "limbo" and have been enjoying getting to know each other through games. It is interesting that as two couples we are really enjoying this and it has been a great bonding time for us. The two games that we have recently been enjoying have been the most fun to me. One game is called fact or crap and the other is called killer bunnies. Both are challenging but yet give us plenty of time to just talk and enjoy each others company. We have already signed up to be another IMPACT small group host this coming year and we are all looking forward to including some more people in our group.

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