Sunday, June 04, 2006

The Big 3 BLOW OUT party

Well we just got done enjoying a party with our three main services groups in IMPACT - Deep Impact (a go deeper in the word and use it group), Brain Scrachers (a group focused on making wed. nights just that much better), and Sunday Stormers (the partner group who focus on Sunday improvement). Some things I'm thinking about:
1) These jr highers really worked and did servant leadership and I'm so blessed to be their youth pastor.
2) Should we do exclusive groups like this all year or break it up so others can be a part of it later in the year? They need to stay small but...
3) What is the best way to direct these groups - give them one time big events to focus on or try to help them see the big picture for the whole year?

Just some of my thoughts that I'm looking for input on. But I will at least have this for me to look at :)

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