Thursday, May 11, 2006

Sharing the gospel through ummm... farts

Last night we went to an all city worship night we call "the Crave." On the bus ride home one of my girls came and asked if I would pray for their friend to accept Jesus. Well the friend was right there and so I asked her what she thought of this. She wanted to know some answers to some questions. The big question was "what is my purpose on this earth?" I said great lets talk. Well as we were sharing and I got to the point of explaining what sin was two boys setting behind us started to make farting noises. They weren't too loud but it didn't take to long (and a group of other kids to start laughing) to get their fart noise a lot louder. Next thing I know the girl I'm sharing with and her friends were laughing so hard that the seriousness of the moment was lost. Fortunately I got to talk with her after we got back to church and though she didn't "pray" with me then she did leave understand her questions better. I plan on following up with her this Wednesday and get her some information to look at and talk with her friend about. The joys of working with jr highers, I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!


gina said...

Yes, isn't it awesome this ministry God has called us to be a part of!! That's so cool about the young lady -I'll be praying for her.
We had an awesome time driving over and back to the Crave - 4 awesome 8th graders and one "young" adult :>) jammin' to the Go Fish kids CD... gotta love it!!!

Pastormarkee said...

thanks for sharing that Gina, I love spending time with kids like that too when I get the chance.

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