Friday, January 13, 2006

my son on my lap

I got up early this morning to get some hot water started for my wife and I. It was wonderful to just set a sip on my hot spiced tea and just think about yesterday. I was thinking through what happen and people I interacted with when my youngest came down stairs and hoped into my lap. What a sweet time to just have my 2 year old set there. He trusts me so much and loves me so much with a love and trust that is so pure. Then I thought about how I set in God's lap, with ideas of what the day will be like, worries, concerns, anger, and so many other distractions. It would be so nice just to set in His lap like my son did (he is off to see his mother who just came home) in mine. Lord help me please have a simple & pure love and trust in you.

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