Thursday, November 17, 2005

Week 5 of "Evangelism Expedition" with the IMPACT group

Well another awesome time traveling with the IMPACT group this wed. We took off with our feet this time to IMPACT island. Where we did some fun worship and games all based around the idea that we were on a tropical Island (there was palm trees, beach balls, tropical birds, and other interesting things in the room).

After some worship we enjoyed a little activity where the group had to be in pairs and set back to back with each other. One person had a peace of paper and pen and the other had to explain to the first person how to draw something they saw on the projector. Fun stuff

Then some more worship with amazing grace sung in the tone of Gilligan’s Island. After that we played a little banana game. Just check out the pics below to see what that was all about. Can you say eat fast or be a miss.

After that we did some more interaction and talked about being on a team with those around us.

When it was time for Tim to share with the group we couldn't find him. Well what happen was that Tim went to the wrong island. We watched the screen as Tim shared with us that he wasn't working with a team mate and made the mistake to go to a wrong island and that we would have to find a sub for him. Well fortunately for us Lee Rouson a former NFL foot player happened to come. So Lee shared with our group (and the sr highers) about being on God's team and how important that was.

The night ended with Lee signing some of his NFL player cards and giving them out to some of the kids. It was a great time.

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Sean said...

Nice looking BLOG! Hope that you're enjoying your time over at simply junior high!

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