Thursday, November 10, 2005

Week 4 of the "Evangelism Expedition"

“Moving Across Town” We began the night in luxury – we had a limo parked out in the West Parking Lot and everyone in IMPACT entered through the green stairway. At the bottom we had three “bouncers” who had a VIP lists that everyone checked in at (visitors – filled out a welcome card) to get into IMPACT that night. After checking off their names, each student proceeded down the “red carpet” that was out from the Sr. High room to IMPACT. The red carpet was also accented with it red rope lighting and a multitude of paparazzi, fans (sponsors), and a live video interview happened through out the opening in true red carpet style. When everyone got into the IMPACT room they each were given a ticket that showed them where their set was. The tickets were ripped in half and the students kept one half, the other was put into a bowl for a drawing. The students were then escorted to their seat. Once everyone was seated Brad (our master of ceremony) read Luke 10: 25-37. He then tied in comfort zone and red carpet treatment and setting in assigned sets and being a little uncomfortable (the students didn't get to set with their usual friends). Then the group was directed to get to know their neighbor a little with some questions that were given them by Brad.

Then each row of students (there were five rows) had to perform some interesting things. One row had to do 10 jumping jacks; two rows competed in a singing game, and other great activities.
Then it was off to huddle groups where they got to know each other more and got to go out a take a picture of them in the Limo (please see pictures)

After Huddle Group time it was back to the IMPACT room for some great worship and a message from Tim. Tim shared with the group about how we can make an impact on those around us but that often we might have to come out of our comfort zone to do that. He shared the story from Luke 10 about the Good Samaritan and how he went out of his comfort zone and sacrifices for the injured man.
At closing Tim asked for students to consider if Jesus was their Lord and Savior. 4 students raised their hands.

We ended the night with passing out mints that had "aloha" on them.

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