Thursday, October 20, 2005

The start of Evangelism Expedition” (Oct. 19th)

The beginning of the jr hi ministries part of the church wide series “IMPACT” started Wed (Oct. 19th) and this is going to be a trip, literally. We are calling it “Evangelism Expedition” and we are using different kinds of transportation themes to help explain the different parts of the series. Our first “Evangelism Expedition” night was based around traveling by airplane.

We have “trip tickets” sitting out for students and sponsors to get. These tickets are going to be used each week to check students in and help them know what type of transportation we are using that night.

The “stewardesses” were at the door taking the “trip tickets” from each student and ripping out the first sheet, handing that back to the students and then placing the book into a bin to be used the next week.

Once everyone was seated the pilot announced the safety procedure and the stewardess demonstrated the safety procedures and the announcements were talked about and demonstrated. The stewardesses then began distributing pretzels down the aisle to all passengers while the pilot made a couple more announcements.

The flight began with the announcement of the in-flight band, Unleashed. Two worship songs were sung.

We played a game called sardines. Each huddle group had a representative come forward to hide and the rest of the huddle group went and found him/her. This happened outside.

When returning to the junior high room we sang two more songs and then Captain Tim shared the message. Tim shared his testimony and how God worked so many things out in his life that he uses even today to help him grow and have a heart of God. He talked about how all of us are like a pearl to God. That everyone (lost or saved) are a pearl to God. At one point during the message the pilot announced that we are experiencing turbulence. All the brain scratchers and sponsors then shook some of the seats in front of them and the stewardesses offered “convenience bags” to those who felt queasy. Tim and Pastor Mark then finished the night by asking the students to think about their friends that need to know that they are a pearl in God’s eyes and to invite them to more of the “Evangelism Expedition” events happening.

After Tim’s message we showed a small preview of what we’ll be doing the next week and then a video clip of Toy Story II where stewardess Barbie is saying “bye” to everyone.

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