Thursday, October 20, 2005

Oct. 20th rich towards God

To be rich towards God. What a statement. There is nothing on this earth that will make me rich towards God. Not my car or house, my pets, my computer, my anything. God asks us to be focused on Him and not on stuff (we looked at that yesterday). When we take our eyes off of Him we will always have trouble. It’s kind of like me driving my car down the road with my boys. They get a little crazy sometimes and I have to tell them to calm down and to be good. But if I have to deal with the in a more firm way I will stop the car and turn around and deal with the problem. If I would do that while driving then the chances of me getting us into an accident is pretty high. The stuff around us can cause us to get into accidents, but if our focus is on God then when accidents come He will help us through them. As J.G. Holland said, “God never said it would be easy… He just said He would go with me.” Lord please help me to understand fully that you are with me always.

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