Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Oct. 19th STUFF

The question today is, “How happy would you be to live the rest of your life with the things you have now?” is a hard for most of us to think about. (Todays' devo question comes from a simple way to be challenged with spending time with the Lord) Most of us would say I would be very happy to live with things that I have now. But is that really true? For if it was true then why aren’t we happy from the things we had 10 yrs ago? If I asked my 4 year old if he likes his things he has he would said yes daddy. But then 2 hours (or maybe only 2 min) later he would ask me for something else and be upset when I have to say no. My thoughts are that Jesus is trying to help the people around him (and us) that things (stuff) will never make us happy for very long. No matter what that stuff is (computer, software, games, car, house, etc.). We need and must keep our focus on Jesus and not stuff for that is where real and pure happiness (or I like to say JOY) will come. Lord help me focus on you and not stuff.

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