Thursday, October 13, 2005

Oct. 13 "touch points"

To be a good servant that the Master will find faithful is a high priority to me. But there are times where I find myself not being faithful. At those times I need more than anything to cry out and say, “God I’m sorry forgive me, cleans me, wash me white as snow.” He promises that He will. This also means that He wishes for me to stop. That is where it gets hard. This is where surrounding myself with many “touch points” can help so much. What I mean by “touch points” is to have a number of different spiritual connections happening in your life. Often we hear about accountability. To have others know things about you and having them talk with you about those things. To me accountability is just one “touch point.” Other “touch points” could be: memorizing scripture, studying scripture, parents (or for my case wife and kids), prayer, and others. Lord, open my eyes to where I can have even more “touch points” in my life.

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